Broadway Pentecostal Safety Innovations

July 22, 2015 | News

Broadway Penetecostal Lodge, located on Granville Island in Vancouver, is a care home dedicated to providing individual care in the safest and healthiest way possible. Broadway Pentecostal uses innovative programs and initiatives to ensure that proper health and safety practices in the workplace are followed.

About the Program

Broadway Pentecostal Lodge has recently launched its Point of Care Assessment program. This is a tool for care workers to ensure that they are providing safe, person-directed care through a quick at-the-bedside assessment. Seniors’ conditions or behaviours often change quickly and this tool is designed to help frontline staff assess each situation before providing care and to respond appropriately. The Point of Care Assessment has four areas that staff check before proceeding with the intended task, called a safety TSEK (pronounced “Check”):

  • Task:
    • Is the ADL & Care Plan update?
    • Is it the right time for the senior?
    • Do I need assistance or further understanding of my duties as care provider?
  • Staff/Supplies:
    • Have I checked the Care Plan & ADL?
    • Am I competent to do the task?
    • Do I need further training?
    • Are my supplies readily available?
    • Is my equipment functional?
  • Environment:
    • Is there enough privacy for the elder to do my work?
    • Is the room free of clutter and safe for me to do my work?
    • Is the area free of hazards?
    • Do I know the procedure and how to report a hazard?
  • Kinetics:
    • Do I have the proper body mechanic skills?
    • Do I know when to stop when it is not safe for me and the seniors?

People Involved

Broadway Pentecostal has eight committees that are involved with planning for events and/or clinical training on initiatives such as the POCA. These committees include: The Wound Care Team, Falls Prevention Team, SPINE (MSIP) Team, Pain and Palliative Team, Purple Wave Team (aggressive behaviour), Infection Control Team, OH&S Team and The Broadway Social. The committees are multidisciplinary in their membership, including RNs, LPNs, care aides, dietary staff, housekeeping,  recreational aides, and the leadership team. In addition, the committees often collaborate in rolling out initiatives. For instance, during their Safety Week, Broadway Pentecostal’s OH&S Team, SPINE Team, Purple Wave Team and The Broadway Social all planned the week’s events.


Broadway Pentecostal has evolved their training model around initiatives like POCA to bring the education to their staff, versus bringing their staff to education sessions. In the past, Broadway Pentecostal had found that conducting formal staff training sessions at a set time (e.g. 2:00 p.m.) wasn’t an effective way to engage with the team, as education often took a backseat to other priorities on the floor for staff. Two years ago, they tried a different approach by using an “educational cart” approach to bring a team of fellow peer trainers to each floor to provide on-the-spot training. The carts incorporate fun with education by using games to communicate key points and giving out small prizes. This approach has been incredibly successful in removing barriers to staff participation. The feedback from the staff has been very positive, and voluntary engagement in the education has significantly increased since this approach was adopted.


These various programs and committees have caused positive changes at Broadway Pentecostal, especially with staff involvement. “We have seen tremendous changes with regards to staff morale,” said Virginia Carino, care coordinator at Broadway Pentecostal. “They don’t feel like they are obligated to attend training and sometimes they are the ones requesting if the training can come to them.”


If you would like to learn more about the safety and health programs in place at Broadway Pentecostal Lodge, you can contact Virginia Carino, care coordinator, by email at or by phone at 604-733-1441 (ext. 234)

Click here to view a slide show about the Point of Care Assessment, provided by Broadway Pentecostal Lodge.