SafeCare BC’s Safe Resident Handling Tool Kit

April 11, 2016 | News, Member Only

SafeCare BC launched its safe resident handling awareness campaign in March with the release of a new policy template, the launch of the safety innovation competition and our continuing social media campaign.

According to recent WorkSafeBC statistics, Musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) related to resident handling are the number one cause of staff injuries in B.C.’s long-term care sector. With this in mind, SafeCare BC has created an easy-to-access on-line Safe Resident Handling Tool Kit for you to use and share.

In addition to the new policy template we released last month, you will find posters, an interactive e-learning module, helpful videos, information on ‘slider sheets’, reports, provincial standards and information bulletins.

Tool Kit

With these numbers in mind, SafeCare BC has put a list of Safe Resident Handling tools together for our members to use and share:

Injury Prevention Resources for Health Care – Patient Handling

A list of tools, publications, and other resources to help prevent the most common injuries and illnesses in the health care industry provided by WorkSafeBC.

Developing Your Organization’s Safe Resident Handling Policy

A guide on developing safe resident handling policies, including key components and critical factors for success.

Point of Care Risk Assessment

A guide and supplementary poster on point of care risk assessments for safer resident transfers.

Point of Care Risk Assessment E-Module

Developed by the Interior and Northern Health Authorities, this short, interactive e-module provides you with information on how to use the Point-of-Care Risk Assessment tool. The e-module includes real-life examples, videos, and short self-quizzes.

Slider Sheets E-Module

Learn how slider sheets can be used to safely and comfortably transfer residents through this short, interactive e-module developed by the Interior and Northern Health Authorities.

It Doesn’t Have To hurt!

A guide for implementing musculoskeletal injury prevention (MSIP) programs in healthcare

Assisting a Falling Resident

A printer-friendly poster on how to safely assist a falling resident for caregivers.

Ceiling Lifts – Why Aren’t They Being Used?

This video discusses the top seven reasons given by health care workers for not using ceiling lifts when they’re available.

Patient Handling – Weighing the Risks

Before transferring or repositioning a patient, a health care worker should perform a point-of-care risk assessment to confirm that the existing method identified for transferring or repositioning is still safe. This bulletin provides a broad overview on what factors to consider.

Provincial Safe Resident Handling Standards for Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention in BC

Full report on the provincial standards developed for safe resident handling. These standards cover a range of areas including policy, management strategies, education and training, equipment, and safe work practices for high risk resident handling activities (e.g. transfers, ambulation, toileting, etc.).