Peer Resource Network Participants share Violence Prevention & Code White Resources

October 21, 2016 | News

cfyj_webinar_v2_726c41ec65a903186af1d029e51b1625SafeCare BC is pleased to share with our members a number of Violence Prevention & Code White materials developed by participants of the Peer Resource Network.

The Peer Resource Network, a joint initiative between SafeCare BC and WorkSafeBC that focuses on Occupational Health and Safety through the lens of peer-to-peer learning, was launched in August of 2015. Each Network moves collectively through a series of workshops focused on promoting a mature safety culture in continuing care, reducing injury rates, and improving practices associated with employees returning to work. The program also connects leadership teams with external resources to support positive change in OH&S best practices.

SafeCare BC continues its work with the care homes that have completed all five workshops through a series of monthly teleconference calls that focus on a different health and safety topic each month.

The first teleconference call, which focused on Violence Prevention and responding to Code Whites, was held on September 28th, 2016. The next call, which will focus on Mental Health and Stress in the Workplace, is scheduled for October 26th, 2016.

Code White Resources:calling-a-code-white

Participants on the call, who represent care sites from across the lower mainland and greater Vancouver region, identified the importance of running Code White drills. As a take way from the call, German Canadian Care Home has agreed to share their Code White training materials:

  • What to do when faced with a Code White: a 2-page handout for staff –  click here.
  • Code Whites: Warning Signs, Risk Factors and When a Code White Becomes a 911 Call – click here.

Violence Prevention: Fun & Interactive Training Materialsdementia-awareness-month

The Peer Resource Network participants also identified the need to make training around Violence Prevention fun, interactive, and regular. Tabor Village has agreed to share a number of fun and interactive training materials that they use to engage workers between shift changes.

  • Tabor Village JOHS Newsletter on Violence Prevention: click here.
  • Call for Less Anti-psychotics in Residential Care (CLeAR) True/False Quiz: click here.
  • Person Centred Care Word Search: click here.
  • Minimizing Aggressive Behaviours Quiz: click here.
  • Find the Key Messages from Teepa Snow videos: click here.

Teepa Snow – What to say instead of ‘Calm Down’

If your care site has resources or materials for Violence Prevention or responding to Code Whites that you’d like to share with the rest of the sector, they can be emailed to