Introducing SafeCare BC for Home Care Workers

October 24, 2016 | News, Home Care News

We are pleased to share with you the latest injury report data for BC’s Home Care sector.  Based on WorkSafe BC statistics, this data captures the size of the sector by payroll, 2015 injury rates and total claim costs.  According to the new statistics:

  • employment in the home care sector has grown by approximately 34% over the past four years – to a total payroll of $997 million in 2015 from $743 million in 2012
  • the sector’s overall injury rate has also increased by 50% – from  2.2 time-loss claims per 100 workers in 2012 to 4.4 in 2015
  • the total claims paid by community health support services employers has increased 16.5% over the past four years – from $6 million from 2012 to $7 million in 2015

Click here for a complete summary of the 2015 statistics that you can download and share with your team.

For more on SafeCare BC and the home support sector, click here.

In partnership with unions, employers, WorkSafe BC, the Alzheimer’s Society of BC, health authorities and other sector stakeholders, SafeCare BC is looking forward to expanding our mandate and developing a full suite of training, education and awareness programs that respond to the real needs of BC’s community health support service sector. Together we can reverse the trend of rising injury rates and insurance premiums.