SafeCare BC Board Meets to Discuss Three-Year Strategic Plan

July 13, 2017 | News

The SafeCare BC Board recently met for a strategic planning retreat, which saw great discussion, reflection on what we’ve collectively accomplished to-date, and the identification of priorities as we chart the next three years as your health and safety association.

There was much work done in preparing for the Board session and the development of our new three-year strategic plan, including a member survey, which allowed you to provide input into our priorities and direction.

We would like to acknowledge the 350 members that participated in the survey, and you can look for a summary of the survey soon in an upcoming communication. In addition to the member survey, we also interviewed some of our key partners and stakeholders, including representatives from post-secondary institutions, professional associations, unions, regulatory colleges, and commercial providers.

The Board is currently synthesizing the results of the two-day session into a draft strategic plan, which we will share with members for validation, essentially to ask the question—this is what we heard from you, did we get it right?