Q&A with Kyla Tinham, HR Coordinator, Health and Safety at Strive Living

March 8, 2018 | News

As part of our violence prevention campaign, we interviewed Kyla Tinham, HR Coordinator, Health and Safety at Strive Living about how acts of violence affect her workplace, and why violence prevention is so important.

How has experiencing an act of violence in the workplace against yourself or a co-worker impacted you?

Some people have even been injured by someone who has not been typically violent, and all of a sudden they lash out. It certainly affects morale. 

From your experience do you feel acts of violence at your workplace are increasing?

Yes, I believe so. It depends on where you work. But even in my last workplace, I feel it has increased. We are caring for more people with mental health issues than before. 

What violence prevention strategies do you use?

We use the Mandt SystemWe also do violence risk assessments for people who are just coming into the agency, for new clients and people we support. And if a violent act happens the manager would do the violence risk assessment again.

Why is violence prevention education important?

It’s important because in so many cases it can be stopped. We want to make sure that staff know they are important and have the right to a safe work environment. We are currently working on our safety culture and hopefully increasing awareness.