Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program Update: Equipment Funding Begins

May 8, 2018 | News

Through its Seniors Safety and Quality Improvement Program, the BC Care Providers Association recently concluded an exhaustive review of approximately 90 applications, covering the purchase of 3,400 pieces of equipment. With that process now complete, the association is excited to begin notifying all the applicants regarding the status of their grant request.

In a few cases, applicants will be contacted to gather additional information to strengthen their application to ensure it aligns with the program’s five guiding principles, recommended by the Advisory Committee. This includes working to identify measurable outcomes that can be achieved because of this investment.

Next Steps

Care homes will receive a confirmation letter authorizing them to begin making purchases for the approved items. Care homes have up to 90 calendar days from the date of approval to make their purchases, implement the items and submit receipts as proof of purchase. Reimbursement will be completed once the receipts are submitted to the BC Care Providers. If you require an extension beyond the 90 days, please be sure to contact the person indicated on the letter.

Many of the items not approved for funding in this round will be automatically moved to the next open application period for consideration, unless otherwise indicated by the applicant.

“If your application was approved for partial funding or you missed the first application period, you still have lots of time to have your request considered,” says Snezana Ristovski, director of programs, BC Care Providers Association. “Funding for this program has been secured through to the end of September 2019 and you are eligible to submit at least two applications per calendar year.”

The next application period is set to open this summer, with more details being provided shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator, Pamela Eng at