Revera and Handicare tops at Safety Den

May 31, 2018 | News

The Safety Dragons: David Hurford, Olivia Chang, Tracey Cochrane, Aly Devji

Garnering rave reviews, SafeCare BC’s third-annual Safety Den blended a spirit of fun with a celebration of innovative ideas, as six finalists made their pitch to the four Safety Dragons.

In quizzing the finalists on their health and safety ideas, the Dragons brought humour and levity, eliciting much laughter from the more than 200 people in attendance.

After listening to the finalists, the Dragons selected Revera’s ‘luggage tag’ style ID, as the winner of this year’s Safety Den. In the commercial category, Handicare beat out three others and won the Safety Innovation of the Year award, with its new EVADrive mobile lift.

Below are the six finalists

First – Revera
$1000 prize

Revera’s low-tech safety idea is the creation of a ‘luggage tag’ style ID for the resident’s walker or wheelchair. One side of the letter-size sheet has a visual cue for the resident—a picture from their youth or one of a loved one, or of a prominent memory, with a brief description on the bottom. The image serves as a visual distraction for the resident, during a time of stress. The tag is laminated, primarily for infection control purposes, and the reverse side has the resident’s name along with the word “Likes”. In the white space below, using a dry-erase pen, staff can provide tips on strategies that have worked for distraction and re-direction. Learn more

Second – Villa Cathay Care Home
$750 prize

Using real examples of staff injuries in the workplace, Villa Cathay’s leadership team created videos, acting out the incident. This helped staff understand situations where conflict might arise with residents. The leadership team dresses up as seniors, use props and invite residents to participate in the video, to make it more realistic. Over four weeks, a different group presents a pre-recorded video that highlights a different staff injury incident and learning outcome using the Provincial Violence Prevention modules. Learn more

Third – Chilliwack Society for Community Living
$500 prize

The Chilliwack Society for Community Living invests half of the rebate it receives by being enrolled in WorkSafeBC`s Certificate of Recognition program into a comprehensive health and wellness program for its staff. This $10,000 investment has helped create a culture of wellness within the organization. This intentionality to ensuring its employees are healthy and health-conscious has directly lead to a decrease in reportable injures and accidents. The Society was injury and accident free for two months last year, and its injury rate has decreased, despite increasing staff. Learn more

Commercial Category

Safety Innovation of the Year award – Handicare
Handicare’s EvaDrive allows residents and clients to be transferred with a gentle push of the fingertips. Effortlessly maneuver through obstacles in care facilities with ease. The EvaDrive is an intuitive motorized mobile lift that requires very little force to operate. The goal with this breakthrough lifting aid is to reduce the risk of injury caregivers face when manually handling patients during transfers. Learn more

Guldmann Care-Lift Solutions
Serrano Medical Solutions


SafeCare BC would like to thank Points West Healthcare
for providing sponsorship of the Safety Den.
This is the third year Points West has supported the event.