We’ve Got Your Back: Safe Handling Campaign

June 8, 2018 | News

According to WorkSafeBC statistics, musculoskeletal injuries are by far the leading cause of staff injuries in BC’s continuing care sector. The economic cost of these injuries is easy to measure—millions of dollars are spent annually on claims costs alone. The human and social cost is equally staggering.

  • Constant pain.
  • Inability to perform routine tasks
  • Time off work that can lead to depression.
  • Unable to return to a job you love.
  • Impact on your clients and residents

SafeCare BC has your back, and over the next few weeks we’ll share stories and easy to use resources that will help you, and your organization, prevent these types of injuries.

This week we provide an update on a story we ran six months ago about the work Lee Frederick and his colleagues at Parksville’s Arrowsmith Lodge are doing around safe handling. 

Do you have a story about safe handling that you want to share? Let Ken know at kdonohue@safecarebc.ca