Mavis Talks TOP

September 13, 2018 | News

Mavis Talks TOP

Through its Tailored Outreach Program, or TOP for short, SafeCare BC is working with organizations in long-term care and home care and community health support to help reduce workplace injuries. We talk with Mavis Gibson, SafeCare BC’s acting director, Workplace Health and Safety Programs, about TOP.

SC: What is TOP?
MG: This program increases an employer’s awareness of their own health and safety program and identifies opportunities for improvement. We present them with a program report card (see sample) that compares their injury trends on an aggregate level with their peers. We then work with them to develop an action plan thatTailored Outreach Program Report Card is tailored to their environment and needs.

SC: What does being part of TOP involve?
MG: It’s a one-year commitment. The organization, in collaboration with their safety committee, does a gap analysis of their health and safety and program. We then work closely with the site to identify areas for improvement and together develop an action plan. Organizations also commit to education and training for their staff. In the following year, they can use the gap analysis as a measurement tool and further develop their health and safety program to maintain continuous improvement.

SC: What are the benefits of the gap analysis? 
MG: The gap analysis lets you know where you’re performing well, and areas that need improvement. It incorporates WorkSafeBC required elements for an occupational health and safety program. In response to what we see in the gap analysis, SafeCare BC can develop additional resources and tools to assist organizations.

SC: How many organizations are participating?
MG: We have nine long-term care organizations, and four from home care and community health in this first cohort. The response has been very positive. They are being proactive about finding solutions to help reduce injuries, and just need some additional support to achieve that.

SC: Were you surprised by what you learned from the gap analysis that each organization did?  
MG: Not really. Largely, everyone is focused on safety inspections, accident investigations, and emergency procedures, but there are other elements of their health and safety programs that need some attention, including contractor responsibilities, safe work practices, hazard assessment and staff orientation, as it relates to health and safety.

If you want more information on the Tailored Outreach Program, contact Mavis at

What they’re saying about TOP

“I am really impressed with how comprehensive the TOP program is. We now know that we are doing a lot of things right, but have been able to identify areas we can improve. Working with SafeCare gives us the confidence that the tools and resources are geared toward our sector. There’s great value in that.”

HR Advisor, participating TOP organization, Interior