Collaborative Ideas Across Canada

November 9, 2018 | News

SafeCare BC is part of the National Alliance for Safety and Health in Healthcare, established in 2016 to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries on the front-line of health and seniors care in Canada. The alliance is comprised of seven continuing care safety associations.

An annual summit was recently held where participants shared statistics, upcoming challenges and opportunities in the sectors they serve, and strategies they’d successfully implemented in addressing key priority areas.

They also connected with other external agencies with workplace health and safety focuses, such as the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada, Alberta Health Services, the Institute for Work and Health, and the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, to learn about national-level initiatives underway and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Opportunities like this allow SafeCare BC to learn from other organizations and share resources. We will be taking our learnings from this meeting to continue to develop our own programming, as well as explore opportunities for further raising the profile of workplace health and safety in continuing care at a national level.

“The collaboration we’ve helped establish at a national level through the National Alliance for Safety and Health in Healthcare is invaluable. Through our partnerships with other like-minded safety associations, we’ve been able to see commonalities in workplace injury trends and learn valuable lessons from other provinces that we can then bring back to BC. For our members, it means greater access to resources and training opportunities.”

– Jen Lyle, CEO, SafeCare BC