Reaching for the Top

December 12, 2018 | News

Fifteen organizations (10 from long-term care and five from home care and community health support) have now signed on to SafeCare BC’s Tailored Outreach Program,or TOP for short, to help reduce workplace injuries. Safety report cards and gap analyses are letting organizations know where they are doing well, and where they need to focus. Action plans are then developed giving organizations a road map with ongoing support from SafeCare BC.

The Director of Care for a TOP participating organization in northern BC says this:

We have been wanting to make improvements in our workplace safety program, but when Safe Care BC shared with us our safety report card, and then we did a gap analysis, which we shared with our Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, it confirmed what we thought and helped us in developing training opportunities for our staff.

We have someone in our organization trained in Gentle Persuasive Approaches(GPA), who serves as a coach for our staff, but we hadn’t looked at other training opportunities. We recognized we hadn’t done enough health and safety training for our nurse supervisors, so we were very excited by the opportunity for them to take the LPN Leadership course. We are looking at other training opportunities, including the Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum classroom training through SafeCare BC.

We have since developed an action, which helps identify the things we need to work on. Absolutely, being part of TOP has helped. In the past, we’d get suggestions from WorkSafeBC inspectors, but they wouldn’t be able to coach us through this process like SafeCare has done. This is a proactive way to approach safety, and we’re excited to be a part of TOP. 

This has been my first interaction with SafeCare BC and it’s been very positive. We value our employees and want them to be safe.