Mavis Gibson talks Recovery @ Work

September 17, 2019 | News

A recover at work program has huge benefits for injured workers, because it reduces the risk of disability mindset, supports the psychological benefits of working, which includes having a routine feeling productive, and having social connections with co-workers.

In advance of an upcoming recover at work workshop co-hosted by SafeCare BC and the BC Care Providers Association, we talked with Mavis Gibson, SafeCare BC’s director of workplace health and safety programs.   

Why is it important for organizations to have a recover at work program?
Every organization should have a recover at work program, so they can best support their staff. Research shows that injured workers recover faster when they return to work through a recover at work program, at an appropriate time and with appropriate duties based on the individual’s physical and cognitive abilities.

In addition, there are continuity of care benefits for residents and clients, who come to rely on a regular roster of care staff. Having a recover at work program can also reduce claims costs, which can free up financial resources that can be invested in more staffing and increased quality of care for residents and clients.

Who should participate in this workshop/webinar?
Employers and supervisors should participate in this workshop. I would also encourage members of joint occupational health and safety committees to participate, as there is a strong component on engaging these groups.

What will participants learn?
They will understand the components of designing a recover at work program, including knowing where to get their organization’s data, understanding the resources that are available to them from SafeCare BC and WorkSafeBC. They will also appreciate the value in engaging their joint occupational health and safety committee in designing their program.

Register today for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Recovery @ Work Programs workshop/webinar (October 2)