Hear from our TOP Performers

November 5, 2019 | News

The Tailored Outreach Program – TOP for short – was established in 2018 by SafeCare BC to help continuing care organizations reduce injuries and improve health and safety. Since the program started, more than 25 organizations have become a part of TOP. These organizations work closely with SafeCare BC to create an action plan that fits into their needs. We spoke with three of our TOP performers – Erin Beaudoin of Eden Gardens, Blake Armstrong of Buchanan Lodge and Ava Turner of George Derby Care – to see how TOP has affected their organizations.

Want to see how other TOP organizations are performing? We put together this infographic to highlight how the trends in injury rates, time-loss claims, and total workdays lost have changed.

In all cases, organizations in TOP saw a more significant change than those not in the program.

Want to become a TOP performer? Contact Anna Richter for more information: anna@safecarebc.ca