A Quick Update on Spark

December 16, 2019 | News

Earlier this year, SafeCare BC established Spark, a grant program for continuing care organizations that want to boost safe handling or violence prevention initiatives at their organization. With funding from Spark, organizations can enroll their staff in training opportunities – such as the workshops provided by SafeCare BC – and pay for replacement workers. By training staff and providing backfill, the issues that arise from staffing shortages are alleviated. In total, 15 organizations across the province have become a part of Spark.

At this stage, the program is still early; the full impact of Spark will not be fully realized until sometime in 2020.  As the 15 organizations begin to implement their safety programs, we want to share some highlights from the program’s first six months.

  • Due to additional funding, we more than doubled the number of organizations accepted to Spark
  • $79,000 in funding has been distributed between 15 organizations
  • Spark is providing funds to organizations in the lower mainland, interior, island, and northern region of the province.
  • Organizations in both Long-term Care and Home and Community Care are a part of Spark