Investing in Staff Starts With a Spark – Haven Hill

January 15, 2020 | News

When Spark launched in April 2019, SafeCare BC asked continuing care organizations to pitch us how they would use a grant of up to $6,500 to improve health and safety.

For Penticton-based Haven Hill, that answer was simple: invest in their people.

SafeCare BC spoke with Haven Hill’s General Manager, Zander Cook, to discuss their experience with Spark.

It was by talking with Julia Glover of Buron Healthcare, who is on SafeCare BC’s board, that Haven Hill first heard about Spark. The decision to apply was an easy one, says Cook. “We can never invest in safety enough.”

Though it’s still too early to determine what the overall impact of Spark will be, Haven Hill has already started to see benefits in the short-term.

Using their grant money, Haven Hill sent a staff member to participate in one of SafeCare BC’s Train-the-Trainer workshops – all the way to Vancouver Island, no less.

The education this staff member received thanks to Spark creates a snowball effect; the knowledge and skills taught in the course can be passed on to other staff members. It’s just one of the ways Haven Hill is investing in its people.

For some organizations, being able to send employees away for training is a challenge. In addition to the financial costs, having to reduce staff – if even temporarily – are barriers that can make it difficult to justify.

Spark’s goal is to help mitigate those barriers.