Working Together in the Winter – St. Michael’s

January 15, 2020 | News

Halfway through January, the winter season is in full force. The layers of fresh snow – while beautiful to look at – bring about a new set of obstacles for workers in the continuing care sector. With roads and sidewalks covered by sheets of ice and deep snow, just getting to work can be a challenge. For those who drive to work, Road Safety at Work has prepared tips to stay safe during the winter.

In the most treacherous winter conditions, going into work is just not an option for some workers.

St. Michael’s Centre CEO, Arif Padamshi, says working together on days like today is key to ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy. For St. Michael’s, this includes taking care of the staff members who weren’t able to leave the care home to go home after their shifts due to the weather – to help, St.Michael’s is providing its staff members with meals. Caught in the act doing good was one of St. Michael’s maintenance team members, working to keep the walkways clear so pedestrians and staff members stay safe outside.