What You Do Matters – Helping Those In Need

May 21, 2020 | News

As a small team, SafeCare BC knew it would have to call upon the generosity of others to assist with its Personal Protective Equipment donation initiative — Operation Protect. We reached out to our friends on Vancouver Island, and without hesitation, Twyla Johnson offered her support.

Twyla has dedicated her life to helping others. Through her 25 years of nursing, she has practised public health nursing in Upstate New York, community nursing just outside of Washington DC, and now serves as the director of operations at Pacific Coast Health Services, in Victoria.

It’s at Pacific Coast Health Services that she has been a tremendous help with SafeCare BC’s efforts in Victoria. Having previously assisted with the Hearts and Hands conference, Twyla was quick to offer her support for Operation Protect.

“Since Pacific Coast had the space to store the donations, and an excellent location for drop-offs, I didn’t hesitate to help,” she says.

SafeCare BC’s Operation Protect was created to assist those in need during a difficult time – something Twyla is no stranger to.  From the devastating Northeast ice storm of 1998 to the lasting impact of 9/11, Twyla has worked through many unexpected community events during her career.

“Because of these community-wide events, as well as other more personal ones experienced within my practice, I developed a keen interest in how we as professionals perceive trauma and how we react when our community is also in crisis,” she says. ”This recently led me to become a Certified Hypnotherapist to help others overcome trauma and anxiety.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Twyla is once again helping her community overcome a troubling time. Through Operation Protect, donations of personal protective equipment have been donated and distributed throughout Victoria.

“Every piece of PPE donated is precious and very much appreciated at this time no matter how small. We distributed some of the PPE last week to organizations that had indicated that they were getting dangerously low. They all expressed relief and gratitude for the support from their community.”

Thank you to Twyla for her assistance with Operation Protect. Visit this page if you would like to donate to Operation Protect.