Vaccine Distribution Update

February 17, 2021 | News, COVID-19

During the February 16 COVID-19 briefing, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry addressed concerns regarding the province’s decision to extend the time between doses of the vaccine. While vaccine supply remains low, the second dose (the booster shot) will be given weeks later than originally planned. This will not have a negative impact on overall effectiveness of the vaccine.

Data collected from the UK, Israel, and Canada—including early data from BC long-term care homes—has shown the delayed time may even result in a stronger and longer lasting protection. The longer interval between doses gives our cells more time to develop.

Dr. Henry states that while it is too early to know how long the initial immunity will last, we do know that the initial protection lasts weeks with a very high effectiveness. Data from BC shows that in three weeks past the first dose, the protective effect is 89%.