Thank You

March 4, 2021 | News, COVID-19

On behalf of the entire SafeCare BC team, I want to thank you. To say the past year
has been a challenging one for you and your colleagues working in long-term care,
home care and community health support, and assisted and independent living is
an understatement. As we near the one-year anniversary of the first case of COVID-
19 in a long-term care home in BC, we reflect upon a year like none of us have
witnessed in our lifetime.

I know it’s been tough sometimes. You had to get used to new PPE protocols, which
while necessary created a social barrier between you and your residents and
clients, many of whom had difficulty understanding why they couldn’t see your face.
And with strict visitor restrictions in place for long-term care homes and assisted
living residences, you were often the only source of contact for residents.

You may have felt afraid or thought you just couldn’t do enough. You carried the
stress of the pandemic with you as you continued to care for those who needed you
more than ever. You were worried about your residents and clients and you worried
about your own families.

Despite the challenges, there was a spirit of togetherness. You and your teams
pulled together to support one another. As your health and safety association, we
have been with you every step of the way. We launched the Care for Caregivers
web portal and Care to Speak peer support services to make sure you had a place
to turn to for your mental wellbeing.

With vaccinations now happening, there is light at the end of very dark tunnel.
Know that as we put COVID-19 behind us, we will always be here for you. Your
physical and mental health matters to us. I encourage you to access our programs
and resources at and

Again, thank you for your dedication to helping those in care.

-Jennifer Lyle, SafeCare BC CEO