Using Ozone for Disinfection in Laundry Machines

August 27, 2021 | News

Ozone is a highly reactive and unstable gas that is only slightly soluble in water. Some commercial washing machines use ozone and/or hydroxyl radicals which are introduced into the wash water to disinfect and kill bacteria. When a solution containing ozone is placed in a washing machine, some ozone gas will be present in the space above the wash water. If this solution is heated or agitated, it will result in more ozone being released.

Workers in healthcare who work around commercial washing machines may be at risk of exposure to ozone—particularly when reaching into machines to remove laundry. Exposure to ozone can result in mild to moderate symptoms such as coughing or a sore or scratchy throat, or acute respiratory health problems or even death if exposed to high levels of ozone.

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