Spotlight on Safety – Community Living Victoria – JeoPARODY and EMERGopoly

September 16, 2021 | News

Does the idea of reading a long manual to learn about workplace health and safety policies excite you? If your answer to that question is “no,” you’re not alone. Learning this information is important—but rarely fun. It’s this problem that Community Living Victoria set out to address with their safety innovations, JeoPARODY and EMERGopoly.

As seen in the 2021 Safety Den competition, Community Living Victoria has combined education with classic games to create fun and engaging learning exercises.

“Policy manuals make for pretty mind-numbing reads!” says, Toni Hammond, Brock Home Manager at Community Living Victoria. “We’ve developed games to engage groups in friendly competition while covering our educational outcomes.”

As you may have guessed from the names, JeoPARODY and EMERGopoly use the rules of Jeopardy and Monopoly with a health and safety twist—questions about Community Living Victoria’s policies are embedded within each game. To earn points, staff must correctly answer questions.

Using familiar formats can make it easy for staff to participate; if they’re familiar with the original games, they’ll already know how to play these new versions.

Performing well—and ultimately winning—requires staff to learn the organization’s health and safety policies. This becomes more fun than it sounds, as the games reframe mundane questions into a fun learning opportunity.

“Not only can it create enthusiasm for the subject, it results in people really understanding the “why”, which goes a long way to contributing to a confident response should the circumstance arise,” says Toni.

Like most of the top Safety Den entries, it goes to show simple solutions to problems are often the best.

With this free online template, any organization can easily create a version of Jeopardy with their own questions.