Ongoing Infection Prevention and Control

March 16, 2022 | News, COVID-19

While some provincial COVID-19 restrictions, such as social visitation in long-term care, are lifted, other infection prevention and control measures remain in place. Hand hygiene, screening for symptoms and appropriate PPE use are still important ways we can continue to keep care settings safe and healthy for staff.

SafeCare BC has a range of resources to support members to understand and implement the most up-to-date infection prevention and control guidance. Our updated Hierarchy of Controls guidance for home and community care and long-term care give an overview of these measures.

Respirators (e.g. N95s) also remain a key layer of protection for staff when there is an increased risk of airborne transmission. The BCCDC advises that staff should be able to access an N95 if they deem it necessary following a Point of Care Risk Assessment. Staff using N95s need to be fit-tested. See here for SafeCare BC resources and training on respirator fit-testing.

Check out our Respirator Protection Policy Template and program template for more information.