Staying up-to-date with your adult immunizations | National Immunization Awareness Month

August 23, 2022 | News

Are your vaccinations up to date as an adult? Contrary to what we think, vaccines are not just for children. Keeping track and up-to-date with vaccinations as an adult is essential to your overall health. 

As we age, the effectiveness of certain vaccines can begin to decline and getting another dose or booster can increase our immunity to provide added protection. Adults may also require additional vaccines for international travel, lifestyle risks, job requirements, and when new vaccines become available.

Learning more about vaccines and how they work can help you understand why they are important in managing infections and preventing outbreaks. SafeCare BC has developed an online comprehensive Vaccine Education Program. This course aims to deepen your understanding of vaccines as an essential part of infection prevention and control practices. It will cover how vaccines work, how they are developed, and answer some common questions. The course will provide users with the tools and resources needed to have well-informed, respectful conversations about vaccination in the workplace.

But how do we know what vaccines we need to update? Keeping track of our vaccination history can often be complicated, with most people still using paper records, which can easily get misplaced. The Public Health Agency of Canada has recently funded the development of a digital app to help keep everyone on top of their immunization records. The mobile app CANImmunize helps Canadians store and manage their families’ vaccination records. This app can help create helpful calendars and reminders for upcoming required vaccinations for your entire family based on your province or territory of residence. The app provides information on local outbreaks, vaccination requirements for travel, and expert information for any questions you may have.

You should discuss your vaccine history with your health care provider (doctor, pharmacist or public health nurse) and find out if you need to get updated. Register in the Vaccine Education Program or download the app today!