Support Services Appreciation Day | Jennifer Quan

September 16, 2022 | Features

Jennifer had a different type of war she was fighting at her site. The staff there is truly amazing. The employees came in daily and locked down their site like Fort Knox. Managers worked 16 to 28 days in a row without any time off. Because the employees saw their leaders on site 24 hours daily, they stayed and worked tirelessly for their residents and families.

Jennifer became my hero, not because of her long hours and positive outlook but what she accomplished during that time. Jennifer’s passion has always been dietary, but how she supported her team was what was truly inspiring. Not only did she help her team by working alongside them, but she also celebrated them with small surprise treats. She would make fantastic food or drink gifts for the employees and residents.

As tired and short staff as she might have been, Jennifer was one of the first at work and gave 150% to every employee she encountered. It is hard to explain, but Jennifer not only greeted employees when they started work, but she somehow made them feel appreciated throughout the day. I believe 28 days was the longest she worked before taking one day off. Jennifer was willing to try new processes and procedures in cleaning and how the staff entered the facility.

Jennifer changed the whole system in how she fed the residents. They originally ate in one dining area that had to be switched to individual rooms. No one was prepared or had the means to deliver the number of trays required to the floors. Inventive thinking and quick responses were what saved the facility. Working as a team and being willing to change and try new suggestions at a moment’s notice made Kiwanis stronger and saved their residents.

I feel blessed to be able to work side by side with such an extraordinary person.

Submitted by Corrine Burns