Support Services Appreciation Day | Qualicum Manor

September 16, 2022 | Features

Our support services team is a fantastic group of people who are dedicated to keeping our care home clean and our residents safe and well-fed :). During the pandemic (and now ongoing), the housekeeping team took special training to assist residents needing assistance/guidance with eating. This training goes a long way to supporting the care team and providing companionship for residents who feel isolated due to visitor restrictions. In April 2020, we had two housekeeping team members graduating from High School. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 restrictions, their school cancelled their prom, and they couldn’t attend. So, in need of something fun to distract us, the whole team threw them a prom party with help from our residents! The gals glammed up and came in their gorgeous gowns. With help from the dietary department and our fantastic head chef, Daivin, the party was complete with designer cupcakes for all of us to enjoy. What a special day.♥