Support Services Appreciation Day 2023 | Broadmead Care

September 19, 2023 | Features

The Broadmead Care support services team improves the care of our organization’s residents by making them feel like they matter. They do this by understanding the needs of residents: knowing their preferences and taking many moments out of the day for conversation and engagement. For example, knowing what time of day to go into a room to clean, knowing who prefers their clothes hung vs. folded, knowing if someone prefers strawberry jam vs. marmalade or two soups instead of one.

It always amazes me how much information the staff are able to retain for each individual person and relay that information to others. Staff are dedicated to learning about residents and their unique stories when they move so they can build rapport and relationships.

Staff who stop in the hallways when they pass by a resident to say hello, take a seat at a table with someone sitting alone, join in an activity or dance in the afternoon. These little details make a big difference and it’s a reflection of staff really making every moment matter. The following observation was sent to me by an education coordinator:

“I completed an observation audit on B3 Aug 2/23. I monitor interactions between staff and residents. I just want to send a long a little positive note to you regarding an FSW. Jane was working that morning. She is so engaging with the residents, she addresses them by their first name, explains the items she is delivering to the table, and makes an extra effort to converse beyond “yes, no, ok” answers. She is a great team member. I was more than impressed by her positive attitude and resident interactions. She brought many smiles to residents’ faces that morning.”

Another example is a phone call I received from a family member thanking an EE who discovered his mom’s blanket had gone missing and took 45 min after his shift to search through the laundry, neighbouring residents and the lost in found to find the item. I am so grateful for the team I have, many of whom have been doing the job for over 30 years.


Submitted by Tienna Stempowicz