Support Services Appreciation Day 2023 | Morgan Place

September 20, 2023 | Features

Keshni, a valued member of WestCana’s Support Service team since 2004, possesses a wealth of experience in various roles, that encompasses all support services positions.

In her role as a lead hand, Keshni is exemplary at leading her team to provide continuous quality service to Morgan Place, a remarkable achievement considering the changes in leadership over time.

Keshni demonstrates strong leadership through clear direction to her team and a proactive approach to improving service quality in collaboration with the leadership team. She also takes on the responsibility of training new lead hands, emphasizing her commitment to knowledge sharing within the organization.

Her outstanding work ethic ensures meticulous attention to detail in maintaining a clean, safe, and comfortable environment, upholding the highest standards for the residents at Morgan Place. Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Keshni dedicated significant time and effort to support her team effectively, resulting in Morgan Place consistently ranking among WestCana’s top performers in environmental services internal audits.

Keshni’s contributions to the Support Service team are immeasurable, and her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to Morgan Place’s residents, families and staff is a true inspiration.

Submitted by Ruth Macaspac