Q: What is a 'Classification Unit'? As an employer, how do I know what unit my organization belongs to?

A: Classification Unit is a grouping defined by WorkSafeBC. It groups employers in similar industries with similar injury risk levels together to facilitate fair and equitable assessment rates.

The Classification Unit 766011 groups together long term care facilities, homes for the physically challenged, and multilevel care facilities together (among others).

The Classification Unit 766006 includes organizations that provide home care, community care, and home support.

As an employer, your WorkSafeBC-provided documentation will identify what Classification Unit you belong to.

Q: How is membership in SafeCare BC determined?

A: Membership in SafeCare BC is automatic, and determined according to your WorkSafeBC Classification Unit number. All employers and employees in the Classification Units 766011 and 766006, with the exception of health authority owned and operated sites, are members of SafeCare BC.

Q: Do I have to pay to belong to SafeCare BC?

A: If you are an employee working in the long term care, community care, or home care and support, with the exception of health authority owned and operated sites, you automatically have access to SafeCare BC’s programs, services and resources.

Employers pay a levy to support SafeCare BC’s activities.

Q: I was injured on the job, who do I contact?

A: If you are injured at work, or have symptoms of a work related illness you must follow the steps provided by WorkSafeBC, beginning with reporting the injury or illness to your employer immediately.  Please click here for the WorkSafeBC procedures for starting a claim.

Q: Are home care employees members of SafeCare BC?

A: Yes, home care and home support employees joined SafeCare BC in 2017. We continue to expand our resources and training for home care and home support workers.