Civility Matters:

An Online Toolkit for Long-Term Care Staff

In long-term care it is increasingly apparent that who is on shift is just as important as how many staff are on shift. Quality care is difficult to achieve when we do not routinely engage with one another in a positive, or civil, manner. Our research, conducted pre-pandemic, revealed the impact of uncivil workplace behaviour on care delivery and staff well-being, an impact that has only been exacerbated by COVID-19.

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A positive workplace culture requires cooperation of front-line and leadership staff, and access to learning opportunities that promote a collaborative and respectful workplace.

The purpose of this toolkit is to

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Raise awareness about the nature and impact of workplace incivility on staff well-being and care delivery.

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Provide practice-based scenarios, strategies and resources for addressing workplace (in)civility and supportive workplace relationships.

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While you are free to enter the site via the front-line staff or leadership staff button below, the information is tailored to each group.

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Front-line Staff

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