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The Nature and Impact of Incivility

Workplace incivility and bullying disrupt the respectful, collaborative, and effective working relationships essential to health care aides’ safety and quality care provision.

How Civil is Your Workplace

Oftentimes, people think that because they are not being rude, they are being civil. However, civility is more than acting neutrally. Civility requires paying attention to what is going on around us. It requires self awareness and insight into how all of us show up in our workplace.

Civility Matters Webinars

Workplace civility is essential for a productive and positive work environment. The three webinars below will teach you how to maintain respectful behavior in the workplace.

Practice-Based Scenarios

The scenarios included here illustrate some of the more common examples of workplace incivility in long-term care settings. You can work through them by yourself or gather some colleagues and work through them together as part of a facilitated discussion.

Kindness Card Templates

Consider using the following kindness card templates to print and distribute around your workplace. They can be used to introduce the idea that kindness is contagious, to let team members know how much their work is appreciated, and/or to wish team members a great day.


TED talks, videos, books, and additional online resources – that further explore incivility, ways in which to address it, and the creation of psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.