Civility Matters


Bullying and incivility is a major problem in workplaces, homes, schools, and online. SafeCare BC and its members can play a role in creating safe, healthy, and civil workplaces. Below you will find some resources that will help you, your co-workers, and staff.


REGISTER TODAY for the Civility Matters! webinar – February 27

Join us on Wednesday, February 27, as Dr. Heather Cooke, Rhonda Croft (BC Nurses’ Union), and Trish Giesbrecht (Menno Place) discuss the importance of civility in the workplace, and strategies that both employers and staff can use to create a better work environment.

Learn more about our panelists:

How Incivility Can Impact Your Workplace: Q&A with Dr. Heather Cooke

Why You Should Stand Up to Incivility: Q&A with Rhonda Croft


Respectful Workplace Resources

LearningHub’s Respectful Workplace eLearning Course (this online course should take 30 minutes to complete).

Note: If you haven’t taken a course through the LearningHub, you will have to create an account before being able to register. 


Words Matter
Language is not always intended to exclude a person or a group, but it may unintentionally have that effect. Becoming conscious of how language impacts others can help prevent feelings of exclusion and discomfort in the workplace. This guide that sets out some key guiding principles and suggestions to support using inclusive language. This resource could be used by managers and leaders. Click to learn more.