N95 Respirator Fit Testing Resources

If your organization uses N95 respirators, staff will need to be fit-tested to use them safely. This means making sure the respirators have been tested to ensure a full seal before they are used so that the staff using them are properly protected. Staff should be fit-tested annually on the make, model, and size of respirator that they will be provided with at work. They should also be trained on your respiratory protection program including any limitations posed by the respirator.

We know that increasing numbers of our members are looking to fit-test their staff. You may wish to consider doing so based on their determination of a point of care risk assessment, or as part of future resilience planning to ensure the organization is prepared for outbreaks of airborne disease, or other hazards. Below are some resources which may help with providing fit-testing. This includes virtual ‘train the tester’ options and fit-test kits to build in-house capacity, as well as third-party organizations who can provide this service. These suppliers have not been vetted and we recommend conducting your own due diligence on the type of testing and experience these suppliers can provide.

In some circumstances, SafeCare BC may be able to advise members on which option is most suitable. We may also be able to connect members with local or peer fit-testing support if all other avenues have been exhausted. For additional member support on this, please contact info@safecarebc.ca .

This page will be updated to reflect any new or emerging resources, including details of upcoming fit-tester training delivered by SafeCare BC.

Fit Testing Services

Mountainview Safety Services (Dawson Creek)

Contact:  Peter Sidoruk

Phone: 250-782-5559

Email: psidoruk@mountainviewsafety.com


Orca Health & Safety (Nanaimo)

Contact: Karen Rinfret

Phone: 250-667-2500

Email: fittest@orcasafety.ca


Vancouver First Aid (Lower Mainland)

Register online for courses scheduled throughout the Lower Mainland.

Train the Tester Services

3M Virtual Qualitative Fit Test Workshop Webinar

Register online


Orca Health & Safety (Nanaimo)

Contact: Karen Rinfret

Phone: 250-667-2500

Email: fittest@orcasafety.ca


Universal Health + Safety (Burnaby)

Classroom course registration can be done online (Langley, Victoria, Burnaby)

Call to book group classes.

Phone: 604-444-3732 ext. 222

Email: info@usafety.ca


Fit Test Kit Suppliers

3M (fit test kits and solution)

Select your geographic area to locate a local supplier.


ULINE.ca (Fit test kits and solution)

Phone: 1-800-295-5510


HTT Safety n’ More (Port Coquitlam)

Phone: 604-484-4900

Email: sales@httsafety.com