Rapid Testing – What You Need to Know

What is Rapid Testing?

Rapid point-of-care testing is authorized by Health Canada as a tool to screen for COVID-19. These tests deliver a much faster result than the regular (PCR) testing—usually within 15-minutes—and can be used for screening purposes, particularly to help identify asymptomatic, potentially contagious individuals. Positive tests need to be followed up with a PCR test.

As part of BC’s restart plan, it is recommended that staff in long-term care and assisted living settings who are not fully immunized against COVID-19 regularly undergo rapid testing.

SafeCare BC’s Rapid Testing Program

As we reopen our in-person training offer, SafeCare BC will be using rapid testing to add an extra layer of protection for those hosting, delivering and participating in our workshops. We will be asking workshop participants whether they are happy to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status in advance. 

If you a) don’t want to share your vaccination status or b) are not fully vaccinated (over 2 weeks since your second dose) you will be asked to take a rapid test on arrival to the workshop.

SafeCare BC provides the suppliers to assist organizations to locate rapid testing devices. This is not an exhaustive list, as there may be other suppliers of rapid tests. 

SafeCare BC does not in any way vet or endorse the suppliers or the products they offer. 

Anyone contemplating the purchase of rapid testing devices should make their own enquiries and assessments with respect to the ability and suitability of the products they purport to provide. Companies or organizations listed are not approved by nor in partnership with SafeCare BC.  

Access Pacific Enterprises Ltd  (MiraGuard)

Type of Business: Import/Supplier/Distributor

Certification/Status: Health Canada Authorization 323096

Order Information: Minimum Order Quantity: Three kits (20 tests per kit) – 60 tests total

Contact: Jessica Nguyen (Account Executive – Corporate Sales)

E-mail: jessica@accesspacific.ca

Phone: 604-729-6234

Concrete Global Ventures

Type of Business: Supplier

Certification/Status: Health Canada Authorization 330172

Order information: Minimum Order Quantity: one pallet (9000 tests). 

Contact:              Leann Hackman-Carty

E-mail: info@concreteglobal.com

Phone: 403-214-0224

Holotech Inc.

Type of Business: Importer/Supplier/Distributor
CovClear COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test

  • MDEL Number – 15150
  • Health Canada Authorization 330172

Order information:

  • Order by website or phone.
  • There is no minimum order quantity, wholesale orders are welcome. 
  • Price includes delivery in metro Vancouver, shipping is extra outside of metro Vancouver or other provinces.  

Contact information:  

  • The main contact will be Elvis or Micky
  • phone: +1 (855) 900-4050
  • Email: info@holo-tech.ca


Location: Vancouver

Type of Business: Supplier


Certification/Status: MDEL Number 13010

Order Information:

  • Online or contact information (below)
  • Quick Shipping, BC Based, Competitive Pricing.

Contact information:

Rapid Test and Trace Canada Inc             

Location: Quebec

Type of Business: Supplier/Distributor/Advisor

Certification/Status: MDEL 12316 (Gertex Hosiery Inc. operating at Proprietary Innovation Labs)

Order information

  • Minimum Order Quantity – 250 tests
  • Delivery in 2-3 weeks from date of order                           


Roudel Medical & Surgical Supplies       

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type of Business: Supplier            

Certification/Status: MDEL Number 4299

Additional information: Links to more information about the BD Veritor Plus System:

Order information  

  • Minimum Order Quantity: One Veritor Analyzer and five (5) boxes of Validation Cartridges.
  • Bulk order discounts available.


  • Wade Halabi     
  • roudelmedical2021@gmail.com             
  • (416) 879-8660

Tradical Imports Inc.                     

Location: Vancouver

Type of Business: Supplier, distributor, wholesaler             

Certification/Status: MDEL Number 14889

Health Canada Approved (August 5th, 2021)

Order Information:

  • Visit Tradical for more information.   
  • Minimum order quantity 25 boxes (500 units).

Contact information:

  • Aurora Chen
  • aurora.chen@tradicalimports.ca