Peer Facilitator Program

What is the Peer Facilitator Program?

The Peer Facilitator Program is designed to expand health and safety training in the continuing care sector. Specifically, it allows organizations to train their own in-house educators, called Peer Facilitators, who train and support their colleagues in the following areas of health and safety:

  • Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum
  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches in Dementia Care
  • Safety Leadership Education
  • Safe Resident Handling or Safe Client Handling

What are the benefits?


  • Get an in-house expert. You’ll have an someone to provide regular, relevant, and timely support to all your staff.
  • Save money. Instead of paying for each of your staff to attend a health and safety workshop, pay for one to become a Peer Facilitator, who can then train everyone. See how much money you could save.
  • Get more flexibility. It’s difficult to send staff to an all-day off-site workshop. With your own Peer Facilitator, you can train staff when and where you want.


  • Expand your skill-set. Becoming a Peer Facilitator is an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. You’ll increase your knowledge and gain valuable facilitation skills.
  • Make an even bigger impact. Directly improve the health and safety of your colleagues in the sector.

Am I eligible?

The Peer Facilitator Program is open to the following individuals:

  • Those in a SafeCare BC member organization.
  • Those in a SafeCare BC associate member organization.
  • Non-members who work in continuing care.

Members have the WorkSafeBC Classification Unit 766011 or 766006. Associate members are service providers or education institutions who’ve purchased a membership.

How do I become a Peer Facilitator?

  • Step 1: An individual is interested in becoming a Peer Facilitator.
  • Step 2: The individual and their organization both agree that the individual can become a Peer Facilitator (if relevant).
  • Step 3: The individual checks the training calendar and applies for a train-the-trainer workshop.
  • Step 4: The individual successfully completes the train-the-trainer workshop.
  • Step 5: The individual goes through Mentorship with a Master Facilitator, where they receive the support they need to effectively deliver education.
  • Step 6: After successfully passing Mentorship, the individual becomes a certified Peer Facilitator. They can now train and support others in their organization.

Are there other opportunities?

Secondment Program

Secondment is a formal arrangement between SafeCare BC, a Peer Facilitator, and the Peer Facilitator’s organization. Under the Secondment Agreement, Peer Facilitators facilitate at least three workshops for SafeCare BC over the course of a year. In return, SafeCare BC will pay the backfill replacement wages to the organization.

To become a Seconded Facilitator, you must:

  • Currently work for a SafeCare BC member site;
  • Have completed Peer Facilitator training and Mentorship.

Learn more and apply

Independent Contracted Facilitators

Independent Contracted Facilitators are paid to deliver training on behalf of SafeCare BC. They deliver workshops to continuing care workers throughout British Columbia.

To become an Independent Contracted Facilitator, you must:

  • Not work for a SafeCare BC member organization;
  • Have completed Peer Facilitator training and Mentorship.

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Applications are now open for the new RN Leadership Train-the-Trainer Workshop!

Are you interested in helping RNs and RPNs that currently work in the continuing care sector learn more about leadership skills? SafeCare BC has developed a new workshop to provide more information to RNs and RPNs about history and evolution of the RN role, describe the relationship between RN supervisory responsibilities and their role as workplace safety leaders, describe leadership practices that help build a shared understanding among RNs, LPNs, and HCAs, as well as practice self-reflection and goal setting as reflective leaders and mentors.

This is a new workshop that will be offered by SafeCare BC starting in 2020 and we are looking for facilitators who would like to help deliver this 4-hour in-person education.

The facilitator training session includes:

  • General facilitation skills self-paced online learning module (~2-3 hours)
  • Full preview of the RN Leadership workshop which includes an online learning module and in-person workshop (8 hours in total)
  • Practical application of facilitation skills
  • Mentorship session

We are looking for individuals with the following skillset

  • Experience in a leadership role and believes or buys-into the concepts being taught in the workshop
  • Is an RN or has an RN background to allow for sharing of personal experience with the concepts being taught in the workshop
  • Experience in long-term care, residential care, and home care
  • Background or experience in teaching and or facilitating

Workshop date:

October 28th or 29th *

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

*Please indicate which date(s) you prefer in for you in your application


SafeCare BC Training Centre 1424-4710 Kingsway, Burnaby BC

Cost: $0

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