Indoor Air Quality

The air quality in a client’s home plays an important role in your health. Air quality can be affected by gases, smoke, mold, bacteria, temperature and humidity. In some cases, poor air quality may lead to allergic reactions or irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

Preventing exposure to toxins in the home

  • Weather permitting, ask the client to leave windows open 30-60 minutes prior to your visit to increase ventilation in the home
  • Ask your client to not smoke within 60 minutes prior to your visit, and report to your supervisor if necessary
  • Ensure that any water leaks within the home are reported to your supervisor

Are you prepared?

  • I have ensured that the client has stopped smoking inside the house 60 minutes prior to my arrival
  • I know where to open windows to ensure that the home is properly ventilated
  • I am aware that I should visually inspect my client’s home and report any water damage or leaks to my supervisor
  • I will report to my supervisor if the indoor air quality in my client’s home is unsafe
  • I am aware that I can leave my client’s home if I feel that the air quality inside the home is unsafe
  • I know to contact my supervisor immediately if I feel it is unsafe for me to proceed