Public Transportation

Public transportation refers to buses, trains, ferries, and taxi services.

Are you prepared?

  • I know my route and the stop(s) I will need
  • I know the route to my client’s home
  • I know the transit schedule and have scheduled my work to minimize time waiting for public transportation
  • I have the correct transit passes and/or necessary change for transit fares
  • I know to watch my surroundings and to stay alert. Sleeping, reading and being on my mobile phone is a distraction
  • I am able to keep my personal possessions close to me at all times
  • I know to use the front exit of the bus when it is dark, or in an unfamiliar neighbourhood
  • After dark, I know to wait for, and get off at, well lit bus stops
  • I know to contact my supervisor immediately if I feel it is unsafe for me to proceed