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Point of Care Risk Assessment


General Vehicle Road Safety

Be prepared for the unexpected and make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Spare tire that is inflated to the tire’s rating or specifications
  • Tire iron that fits the vehicle’s wheel nuts
  • Car jack that is appropriate for your vehicle
  • Waterproof mat for kneeling on should you have to change a tire
  • Portable tire pump that works off your car’s power outlet/cigarette lighter
  • Reflective emergency road sign/triangle

Winter Road Safety

Give your vehicle a winter check up and make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Four matched winter tires in good condition with at least 3.5 mm of tread.
  • Between October 1 and March 31, most BC highways require passenger vehicles to have 3-peaked mountain and snowflake or Mud and Snow (M+S) tires.
  • Ice scraper and brush for snow removal, extra windshield de-icer fluid
  • Jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kid, road flashers/flares, folding shovel
  • Energy bars, water, blanket, gloves, hand/foot warmers
  • Phone charger (hand cranking charger is best)

General Vehicle Maintenance

To reduce the risk of roadside breakdowns, keep your vehicle well maintained:

  • Check your oil level regularly and have your oil changed at the designated intervals
  • Change your wiper blades in spring and fall
  • Clean your wiper blades if they become streaky between changes
  • Keep your gas tank at least quarter full
  • Check the fluid levels in your vehicle regularly, including the windshield, brake and transmission fluid