Your Responsibilities

  • Know the risk factors related to your work, as well as signs and symptoms and potential health effects of injuries.
  • Participate in education and training on established safe work procedures and the use of controls
  • Cooperate with your employer, joint health and safety committee (or worker representative) and WorkSafeBC officers
  • Report signs and symptoms of injuries to your supervisor
  • Report unsafe acts or conditions to your supervisor


Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Ensure the health and safety of all workers under your direct supervision
  • Know the WorkSafeBC requirements that apply to the work under your supervision and make sure those requirements are met
  • Ensure workers under your supervision are aware of all known hazards
  • Ensure workers under your supervision have the appropriate personal protective equipment, is issued properly, regularly inspected and maintained


Employer Responsibilities


  • Establish a valid occupational health and safety program
  • Train your staff to do their work safely and provide proper supervision
  • Provide supervisors with the necessary support and training to carry out health and safety responsibilities
  • Ensure clients are regularly assessed to make sure policies are being followed
  • Fix problems reported by staff
  • Investigate incidents where staff are injured, or equipment is damaged