Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are the second most common injury for home and community health workers. There may be uneven or slippery surfaces outside, and as you enter a client’s home. Weather and outside environment, as well as clutter inside the home may result in tripping hazards.

Preventing slips and falls

  • Plan ahead and avoid rushing
  • Focus while walking ahead. Looking at your phone or reading paperwork can cause you to trip
  • Wear footwear that has a soft rubber sole, allowing for good traction
  • Use walkways that are well lit and have been cleared and salted, as shortcuts over snow piles can lead to a fall
  • Don’t carry too much, arms and hands can be used for balance and support in the case of a fall
  • Use handrails when climbing stairs
  • If you find that it is unsafe to enter the home, don’t go in and report unsafe conditions to your supervisor

Are you prepared?

  • I am wearing appropriate footwear
  • I have checked to ensure there is good lighting outside and inside the home
  • I have checked walkways and stairs to ensure that they are
  • in good repair and clear of debris
  • I will keep my work area tidy to eliminate clip and trip hazards
  • I will avoid multi-tasking and holding large objects, so that I can see where I am going
  • I will report unsafe conditions if I see them
  • I know what to do if I am injured