Unrestrained Animals

Unrestrained animals, either on approach to a home or inside the home, have the potential to create an unsafe work environment.

Threat of injury from an animal is not part of your job. Animals may be territorial and perceive you to be a threat to person or property. When animals perceive a threat they typically:

  • Move or shy away (a flight response)
  • Show signs of heightened interest or concern (pricked ears, raised hackles, showing of teeth, growling/snarling)
  • Strike out – unprovoked (fight response)

Are you prepared?

  • I have reviewed the care plan for any information pertaining to pets in the home, or near the client
  • I have checked my surroundings for the presence of unrestrained animals that may pose a threat to my safety
  • I know that if unsure I have the right to request the animal be restrained or removed from the immediate area
  • I know I have the right to refuse to provide care if I perceive a risk to my personal safety
  • I know to contact my supervisor immediately if I feel it’s unsafe to proceed