Violence in the Workplace

Violence refers to physical force that causes injury to a worker and includes any threatening statement or that gives you reasonable cause to believe that you are in danger.

Working closely with clients and their families and friends, often under difficult circumstances and sometimes in isolated locations, can put you at risk of violence. Violence and aggressive behavior is not part of your job.

Preventing violence in the workplace

  • Read the care plan and recognize signs in the client’s

behaviour to help you to decide how to respond safely

  • If your client (or family care provider) has a known history of

violence you should be aware of:

  • What happened
  • What may have impacted the situation
  • Before and during providing care, you should always conduct

an information assessment to make sure it is safe to start or


  • If you identify a risk that can not be lessened you must:
  • Stop providing care
  • Leave the client’s home and move to a safe location
  • Report to your supervisor to develop a plan A eliminate or

mitigate the risk


Are you prepared

I have followed my organization’s check-in procedure

I have my mobile phone on me to call for help if needed

I have read my client’s care plan

I am aware of how to detect and address early signs of escalating

I have a clear exit path, so I can leave quickly if I need to

I know that I do not have to tolerate bullying, harassment or violence

I know I can leave if I feel threatened

I know to contact my supervisor immediately if it is unsafe for me to proceed