Home Care and Community Health Support


We have compiled some resources and materials for direct-care staff that will help reduce the risk of workplace injury. You can also check out our our upcoming workshops.

Hazard Identification

What’s wrong with this picture?

Can you find the hazards in these staged photos? Download the full images and answer key, and share at team meetings, or post at your workplace and encourage staff to find the hazards.


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The Learning Hub

Provincial Health Services administers a province-wide LearningHub, offering online courses and other learning opportunities designed to help health care providers continuously develop their skills, knowledge and competencies.

Below you will find a list of courses, more will be added when they become available. You will need to create a login account before registering.

Mechanical Lifts and Transfers

WHSCH 101 – Overview of Mechanical Lift Use in Home Health

WHSCH 301 – Using Ceiling Lifts

WHSCH 303 – Using Lateral Transfer & Repositioning in Bed Slings with Ceiling Lift

WHSCH 401 – Using Floor Lifts