Safe Handling

According to WorkSafeBC statistics, musculoskeletal injuries are the number one cause of staff injuries in BC’s continuing care sector. The economic cost of these injuries is easy to measure. It’s estimated that the cost of claims alone over the past five years is more than $85 million. The human and social cost is equally staggering. Constant pain. An inability to perform routine tasks. Time off work that can lead to depression. Unable to return to a job you loved. Forced to retrain for another career.

SafeCare BC has your back and our goal is to provide you with resources, including an online 5-Step Toolkit that will help make it easy to prevent these types of injuries.

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Safe Handling Toolkit in 5 Steps

Step 1: Assess Your Organization

Step 2: Obtain Support from Your Leadership Team

Step 3: Create and Implement a Policy and Program

Step 4: Conduct Training

Step 5: Evaluate Your Program