Point of Care Assessment – For Transfers

Point of Care Assessment – For Transfers

A point of care assessment for transfers is a quick mini-appraisal you, the health care worker, do to make sure a person’s abilities still match what’s in their care plan. It doesn’t
replace the typical risk assessment completed as part of a person’s care plan. Rather, it’s a tool you use in addition to the care plan assessments.


Why do it?

People’s abilities change—sometimes hourly. A person who could transfer with minimal
assistance in the morning may not be able to do so in the afternoon. To keep yourself and the
person in care safe, it’s important to assess a person’s abilities before and during a transfer.

Who does it?

The care giver does the point of care assessment. If you’re moving a person, do a point of care assessment first.


How do I do it?

A point of care risk assessment has four areas that you cover, with questions in each area.


Download the Point of Care Assessment – For Transfers poster.