Safe Handling Videos

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Want to learn more about what you can do to prevent injuries at work? SafeCare BC is always offering a variety of workshops throughout the province. We are committed to providing outstanding professional development for continuing care workers in BC as well as connecting continuing care workers to other professional development opportunities.


Warm Up Before Work

From lifting heavy objects to helping residents and clients move, there is always a risk of injury if your body is not prepared for a wide range of movement. While it is commonly thought that stretching is the best way to warm up, SafeCare BC recommends going for a brisk walk instead.


Positive Reinforcement

Creating a safe work environment involves more than just a list of policies, it requires people who look out for one another. Giving positive reinforcement to your staff or co-worker can not only make them feel good, but it can also contribute towards creating a culture of safety. As the video shows, no task is too small to celebrate.