Support Services Appreciation Day

Join us in celebrating our support services workers on September 22, 2022

At the beginning of 2022, SafeCare BC met with support services workers, managers, and leaders to learn more about the needs of these workers. We heard appreciation and respect for these workers and stories of how their impact directly affects the well-being of people receiving care.

Support services workers play an integral role on the care team, and their hard work directly contributes to the best quality of care possible. To show our respect and appreciation to these workers; SafeCare BC is establishing a Support Services Appreciation Day on September 22nd.

Below are just some fantastic, amazing people who work in Support Services roles. Please show your appreciation for Support Services on September 22nd by tagging us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with photos and stories of your support services team for a chance to win a prize!

"Natalie, a food service team member, is never without a smile and a kind word. Her positive attitude is infectious, and she consistently goes above and beyond for her team members!"
Kelley Romeril
Providence Living
"Our support services team is a fantastic group of people who are dedicated to keeping our care home clean and our residents safe and well-fed"
Qualicum Manor
"Tabor Village is very blessed to have amazing staff in all departments of our support services. Many staff are long term employees and have supported seniors for up to 35 years."
Gloria Moorhouse
Tabor Village

Thank you to support services staff who make a difference in the lives of residents and clients every day!


You’re a part of the care team—which means the same resources that apply to other healthcare workers also apply to you. Here’s a selection of resources and tools you might find helpful.

Safety Huddles

All care team members should be part of a safety huddle. That includes support services workers, as you interact directly with care recipients.