Join us in celebrating our support services workers on September 21, 2023

Support services workers play an integral role on the care team, and their hard work directly contributes to the best quality of care possible. To show our respect and appreciation to these workers; SafeCare BC established Support Services Appreciation Day.

Below are just some fantastic, amazing people who work in Support Services roles. Please show your appreciation for Support Services on September 21st by tagging us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with photos and stories of your support services team for a chance to win a prize!

"Our support services team comes to work with a positive attitude and they deliver their work with excellence and pride each and every day. "
Gilles Lacroix
Sidney All Care
"The Broadmead Care support services team improves the care of our organization's residents by making them feel like they matter."
Tienna Stempowicz
Broadmead Care
"Quite often their work goes unnoticed but they go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our residents, families, staff and everyone that enters the building. "
Louis Brier

Thank you to support services staff who make a difference in the lives of residents and clients every day!


You’re a part of the care team—which means the same resources that apply to other healthcare workers also apply to you. Here’s a selection of resources and tools you might find helpful.

Safety Huddles

All care team members should be part of a safety huddle. That includes support services workers, as you interact directly with care recipients.