Violence Prevention

  • Acts of violence are the second leading cause of workplace injury for long-term care workers in BC, representing 2,367 cases, or 16 percent of all injuries over the past five years. In-home care and community health support, it’s the sixth leading cause of workplace injury.
  • Violence in the workplace is a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted response. Investing in violence prevention training and strategies can make workplaces safer for workers and improve the quality of care for residents and clients.


Violence Risk Assessment Resource Guide

Violence Risk Assessment Q&A

Check out our video: It Could Happen to You

Learn how working in continuing care is just like crossing the street in this video on point of care assessment

Resources and tools

Point of Care Assessment

The Point of Care Assessment was created to help you continually assess risk. There are a series of questions to ask yourself about the:

  • Person in Care
  • Environment
  • Task
  • Yourself

Learn more about the Point of Care Assessment and download a card or poster, or watch some videos that introduce the tool.

Stop Violence Sign

We continue offer our stop violence for display at your workplace. The sign is available in multiple languages. care homes across the province.

You can download a printable version, or email us at if you would like to some signs.

Violence Prevention Policy Template

SafeCare BC’s violence prevention policy templates will supplement existing policies of continuing care providers across the province and guide the establishment of new ones where none currently exists. The goal is to reduce the risk and rate of injury to continuing care workers, improve workplace safety and create a more positive working environment.