Nov 24

Point-of-care Rapid Testing

Rapid testing to screen visitors and staff for COVID.

May 31

The Hamlets Fit Test Operation

At the Hamlets there was an issue identified where the relative Health Authorities cohorted N95 material (Specifically 3M product). This is still the case today. We decided as an organization to complete internal training, develop our own train-the-trainer program, purchase fit testing kits and purchase off brand N95 products and test them as they become available.

Once the program was developed, we trained 3 persons at every site in BC and Alberta who could provide fit testing for staff to:

1) Create a baseline group of staff in the event of an outbreak
2) Create a knowledge base at site around the requirement as well as why we do this

Apr 27

Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19

The use of rapid antigen tests to test staff and visitors for COVID-19.