Nov 24

8 Days of Wellness

Based on the 8 pillars of Holistic Health (Emotional, Financial,Social,Spiritual,Occupational,Physical,Intellectual,Envirnomental)

Research has shown that Long Term Care Workers are going to be particularly susceptible to getting sick as they have been functioning in a high state of stress and anxiety over the past two years.

8 Days of Wellness will have the following key events:
– Mental Health Monday – the Employer will have counsellors from our EFAP on site where employees can schedule confidential 20 mins sessions.
-Focus Groups where employees can talk in a safe space about their questions and concerns about the change from a pandemic to endemic
-Massage students- 20min massages to support relaxation and stress relief
-Lunch & Learn Sessions

Jun 16

Wellness Wednesdays

The idea is to consider the middle day of the week- WEDNESDAY as the day of wellness at workplace.

The Site or Floor Manager to take the lead and do a particular wellness activity with their team members.

Some of the activities could be:
‘Free Hugs’ Day
Mindfulness Meditation
Shared Laughter Yoga Sessions
Walking Meetings